Felcia Jordan

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)
  • ChildLight Yoga® & Mindfulness for Children Instructor (CYL)
  • Certified Yoga2Life Coach and Ambassador

Felicia discovered yoga while living in Denver, Colorado.  She stumbled upon a studio that offered heated 90-minute classes with a focus on core work and was instantly hooked! Not only was it a good workout, but she began to connect what was happening physically with how she felt emotionally and spiritually.

Over the next few years, Felicia began to experiment in all types of practice and became a student in not only heated-power classes, but also Kundalini, restorative, and Bikram. She found that she not only enjoyed each and every style, but always wanted more than just the physical aspect of the practice. Years later, Felicia enrolled in a yoga training program at Bloom Yoga to become more connected in her personal practice, which in turn enabled her to connect at a deeper level in her every-day life. 

Throughout her personal practice and trainings, Felicia became more grounded and able to live with a more positive intention. By sharpening her overall intuition, she began to share her experience and knowledge with others (not the least of which have been her three daughters). Felicia has always been creative and open-minded.  As she began to share yoga with others, whether in a class or in a personal one-on-one session, she looked to spread a positive outlook and help her students to look within to find their own peace of mind.