Live Like A Lotus



I chose the lotus as part of my company name because of how the lotus flower blooms through the mud. This blooming symbolizes how we are able to get through all the obstacles we deal with in life to rise above (the mud) into full bloom. 

When a lotus flower fully emerges there is no evidence of the mud it has just passed through...only it's beautiful petals. We are all lotus flowers that deal with all life has thrown our way to make us who we are today. We rise above and through our challenges even stronger and more grounded.


One of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet is the lotus flower. This flower has the ability to grow in muddy water and rise above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty AND no evidence of the if untouched by the impurity. Because of this, the lotus flower often represents purity of the heart, body and mind...also three important elements in yoga.